Are you looking for a certified, professional dog trainer and behavior consultant to give a group presentation? 

Then you’ve come to the right place!  Betsy is available to give presentations on behavior topics to a variety of audiences including:

  • Schools and scout groups: Child/dog safety and bite prevention
  • Expectant parents: New baby prep for dogs and babies
  • Veterinary clinics, groomers, rescue groups and shelters: Learning to read dog body language, positive handling techniques, “Muzzle Up” project (helping and encouraging clients to acclimate their dogs to a muzzle)
  • Dog walkers: Loose leash walking tips and the best walking tools
  • Foster parents for rescues or breeders: Starting Out Right program
  • Community dog park: Dog park safety and behavior guidelines
  • Apartment buildings, condo dwellers, and gated communities: How to be a good dog neighbor in a place with little space
  • Popular topics for any group
    • What’s all this about positive reinforcement? Introduction to the understanding of dog ethology, learning theory and why positive reinforcement works so well
    • Therapy dogs, service dogs, assistance dogs, emotional support dogs: What does it all mean?

If your subject isn’t listed here, just ask! We’ll be happy to discuss it with you.