What You Get

Relief from behavior problems, with less stress!

Our fun and effective dog training lessons take place where it suits you, either in your home or out and about in the real world. Our specialty is the education of people and dogs together, so you get to enjoy the process as well as the result:  An exquisitely behaved dog.

How We Work

We offer Behavior Consultations, Basic Manners packages, or custom Group Classes. See below for more details on each.

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Behavior Consultations

This is the right option for you if your dog is showing aggression toward dogs or people, possessiveness of food, toys, and places (resource guarding), separation anxiety, destructiveness and excessive barking.

Step 1.  For behavior issues, a 90 minute in-depth consultation to assess one dog and establish your training goals. A written behavior assessment is available for an extra charge. 

Step 2. We design a training plan that will get the results you want.

Step 3. Depending on the individual case, we either:

  • A. Do the daily training for you, then show you how to maintain the new, improved behavior.
  • B.  Coach you through the training, step by step.

Training sessions are scheduled at your convenience, and the whole family is welcome to take part! 

Price: $250 for 90 minutes ($275 for 2 hours with multiple dogs)

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Basic Manners PACKAGES

We offer customized private lesson packages and will teach your dog better manners in the comfort of your home. Options include: Starting out Right, Weekly Coaching, or Private Daily Training.

Starting Out Right Session: Be prepared for your new puppy or rescue! First impressions matter, so do it right from the beginning. One session only.  $225/90 min

Coaching Package: We coach you and your dog on a weekly basis through all of the basic obedience commands like sit, stay and come when called. We include problem solving for jumping, barking, chewing, pulling on leash, crate training and general rowdiness. 

Private Daily Training:  We meet with your dog and do the daily training for you, then show you how to maintain the new, improved behavior. 

Package prices vary.

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Custom Group Classes

We offer custom classes for both adult dogs and puppies. Group classes can allow you to teach your dog basic manners, provide socialization, exercise, and stimulation. You can also learn to train your dog in a fun, supportive environment.

A custom group class also allows for plenty of individual attention.

Price: Rates vary

We're extremely pleased with what Betsy has been able to accomplish and teach both us and Pixie in a very short time.

-Renee, Doug, and Pixie, El Segundo, CA